The state budget funds 2018 to modernize and maintain the functioning of educational institutions make about 57 million US dollars.

SPP will allow to create a more comfortable and healthy environment for training, save resources, reduce the load on the environment in kindergartens, schools and universities.

This idea was laid in the basis of the environmental standard developed by the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 82 "Environmental Protection" for educational institutions SOU OEM Green Class. Environmental criteria and life cycle assessment (hereinafter "Green Class").

This standard is a part of the criteria base of the Ukrainian ecolabelling program (type I, ISO 14024) and takes into account the concept of "Green Office". It establishes the criteria for assessing environmental and health impact.

Our objectives is support the sustainable functioning of educational institutions (kindergartens, schools and universities) and the promote sustainable development of education.

Target Beneficiaries are educational institutions and suppliers

The participation in the development and harmonization of the standard as part of TC 82 "Environmental protection", development of methodical recommendations for use, training, lectures, publications, advice (support of the implementation of the requirements of the standard), certification.

Four trainings were conducted; the National Transport University has been certified; in the process of certification are Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and Gymnasium # 30 "ECONAD"; about 30 institutions are currently working to implement the standard.

Certified Products