We highly value the interests of each customer for environmental certification of products, user of the environmental certificate and other interested parties.

The Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) ensures the mandatory review of complaints and appeals that may be filed in the event of:

  • Disagreement with the conclusions or decisions adopted by the CAB;
  • Dissatisfaction with the actions or omissions of the CAB, which led to violations of rights and interests;
  • The emergence of a controversial issue related to the activities of the CAB;
  • Other grounds related to the CAB activities.

The complaint or appeal must clearly state their substance.

The complaint or appeal must be accompanied by all necessary supporting documents regarding the facts contained in the complaint or appeal. Such documents can be the following:

  • Official correspondence with the CAB on a controversial issue;
  • Documents received and (or) issued in the course of certification or performance of other works (protocols, reports, acts, decisions and other documentation).

Complaints and appeals are reviewed impartially and independently of the influence of any other party.

Costs related to filing a complaint or appeal are made at the expense of the person submitting them.

Anonymous complaints and appeals that cannot be attributed to authorship are not subject to review.

Postal address for filing complaints and appeals:

Center for Environmental Certification and Ecolabeling NGO "Living Planet"
(conformity assessment body)
6d Mykilsko-Slobidska Str., Kyiv 02002

Email address for filing complaints and appeals:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.