The cost of works related to the assessment of goods or services is calculated on the basis of the data of the application for certification or personal data (depending on the assessment procedure) according to MT 08: 2014 Method of calculating the cost of work on environmental certification and supervision of certified products.

Cost of primary certification work

It begins from 15 000 UAH and increases depending on the volume of workload. It is calculated according to MT 08 and considers 8 factors:

  • Category of product (coefficient of complexity assessment of the life cycle);
  • Number of declared product items;
  • Degree of homogeneity of the product group (the difference between the components);
  • Scale and production technology, etc.

Rent pay for using ecolabel "Green Crane" is not required.

Supervision over a certified product

After undergoing the initial certification, the annual planned procedure for overseeing a certified product is carried out for the next 2 years. Supervision is aimed at confirming the stability of a certified product in accordance with environmental criteria.

The cost of supervision works is determined by the Agreement, which is concluded between the user of the environmental certificate and the conformity assessment body for the right to use the ecolabel. It is determined according to MT 08 and as a rule is 30-50% of the cost of works on the initial certification.

Expanding the scope of the certificate

In the event that the user of the environmental certificate intends to expand the scope of the certificate for additional items of products of the same category, the cost of work on the assessment of components and elements of consumer packaging is calculated according to MT 08 and depends on the degree of homogeneity of the product group and the packaging.

Additional assessment

It is conducted in the event of changes in suppliers, components, elements of consumer packaging, technical specifications and production technology, etc., if such changes can affect the compliance of certified products with the requirements of environmental criteria. The user of the environmental certificate should notify the conformity assessment body in writing at the stage of planning. Based on the results of the planned changes, the conformity assessment body decides whether there is a need for additional assessment.


It is conducted no later than 3 months before the expiration of the validity of the environmental certificate. The cost of re-certification works is calculated according to MT 08 on the basis of the application data and is usually 80% of the cost of the initial certification work.

What is the money spent on?

The conformity assessment body is a non-profit organization. Revenues from work for certification are distributed according to MT 08 for the payment of work to members of the expert commission, administrative and business expenses, membership fees and maintenance of valid accreditations, development and review of the criteria base, information and awareness raising activities formanufacturers, suppliers, service providers and consumers about the benefits of environmentally-certified products and the meaning of ecolabeling.