An environmental certificate is the basis for granting the right to use the ecolabel.

If the product already has a certificate (license) for the use of ecolabelling type I (according to ISO 14024) obtained in another Type I ecolabelling program that has international recognition and such products are exported to Ukraine, we recommend that you undergo a "confirmation

Regional and national Type I ecolabelling programs with international recognition (marked Ѵ in the GENICES column)

The main arguments

  1. The environmental certificate will enter into the Ukrainian register of environmentally certified products, which is more accessible to the Ukrainian consumer.
  2. The sign "Green Crane" (2003) is more recognizable in Ukraine than any other ecolabel.
  3. With the environmental certificate received in our program you will be able to confirm compliance with the environmental criteria of the technical specifications of tender documentation (public procurement).
  4. Your products will be marketed in the Ukrainian market along with other products labeled with Green Crane in the framework of programs and projects implemented with the support of the Government and aimed at developing a sustainable consumption model.
  5. The cost of the confirmation process will make 30% of the cost of the primary environmental certification, as the evaluation will be carried out according to a simplified procedure.

To pass the certification by a simplified procedure (confirmation procedure), it is necessary to apply with a standard form.

Application form FSOU 913.03.01/6s: 2018

Together with the application, it is necessary to provide a certificate (license) for the use of eco-labeling (the one that exists) along with a check-list or product assessment protocol conducted according to ISO 14024 by another ecolabelling body.

Within 3 days, you should get an official conclusion from the conformity assessment body, which will indicate the following:

  • Cost and terms of performance of works;
  • An environmental criterion according to which the assessment will be carried out;
  • Drawbacks to be eliminated to begin certification (if any).

Certification works will begin after the conclusion of the contract between the applicant and the conformity assessment body.