At present, environmental certification is available for 54 categories of goods and services.

An environmental certificate is a document made by the procedure in accordance with ISO 14024 confirming the benefits of the certification object regarding the environmental and human health impacts.

It is issued to clearly identified names of environmentally certified goods or services with indication of the user certificate. At the certification of the organization ("green office", "green class"), the certificate indicates the organization and its object, on which the scope of the certificate is extended.

Validity - 3 years.

To receive a reply on the possibility of environmental certification, the cost and terms of work you should apply to the conformity assessment body with a standard form.

After obtaining a conclusion on the results of the consideration of the application within 3 days the applicant decides on further actions regarding the certification.

Certification works begin after the conclusion of the contract. The assessment procedure, in any case, involves a documentary audit. The list of confirmed documentation and requirements for it are determined by the conformity assessment body in accordance with the requirements of the environmental criteria for the life cycle assessment for a particular category of goods or services.

The production capacity audit is carried out if it is provided by environmental criteria (depending on the product category) or, if necessary, determined by an expert commission. When assessing services and organizations ("green office", "green class"), on-site audits are conducted without exception (object of service provision, office organization).

An environmental certificate is the basis for granting the right to use the ecolabel.

Take advantage of the environmental certification and labeling as a result of an independent and competent assessment in accordance with international standards and use their full potential for promotion!

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