Procedure of assessment of goods and services (certification) meets the requirements of ISO 14024 and provides the following algorithm of action.

1. Review the list of environmental criteria by which, at present, certification is available. Select the category.

2. Fill in and apply.

A separate application should be filled out for each category, and then sent to the conformity assessment body at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

3. Conclusion.

Within 3 days, you should get an official conclusion from the conformity assessment body, which will indicate the following:

  • Cost and terms of performance of works;
  • An environmental criterion according to which the assessment will be carried out;
  • Drawbacks to be eliminated to begin certification (if any).

Certification works begin after the conclusion of the contract between the applicant and the conformity assessment body.

4. Certification.

Assessment is carried out by an expert commission formed by the conformity assessment body. Its composition is agreed with the applicant in advance.

The assessment procedure, in any case, involves a documentary audit. The list of approved documentation and requirements for it are determined by the conformity assessment body in accordance with the requirements of the environmental criteria for assessing the life cycle for a specific category of the certification object.

The supporting documentation provided by the applicant is described in the Register of Documents.

The production capacity audit is carried out if it is provided by environmental criteria (depending on the product category) or, if necessary, determined by an expert commission.

In the assessment of services, organizations (green office, green class) and real estate, on-site audit is carried out on a mandatory basis (object of service provision, office organization).

The found drawbacks are provided to the applicant for their elimination in the indicated by the conformity assessment body terms.

The conformity assessment body guarantees impartiality, competence and confidentiality in the process of assessment and preservation of information.

5. Data analysis and decision on environmental certification.

The assessment results are analyzed by the supervisor of the conformity assessment body. Based on the results of the analysis, a decision is taken on environmental certification. In case of a decision on compliance, the applicant receives an environmental certificate. On the basis of a certificate the right to apply ecolabeling (in particular, the sign "Green Crane") is concluded between him and the conformity assessment body.

Validity of the certificate: 3 years in the conditions of annual supervision of certified products.

Upon expiration of the certificate the re-certification is carried out.

6. Supervision over environmentally certified products is carried out in order to confirm its further compliance with the requirements of environmental criteria and control compliance with the rules of ecolabeling.

Supervision is carried out through analyzing the personal data and supporting documents provided. The assessment program is developed by the conformity assessment body individually based on the results of the preliminary assessment and the user's environmental certificate data.

7. Extension or narrowing of the scope of the environmental certificate.

The user of the environmental certificate for the period of validity of the environmental certificate has the right to increase or decrease the number of items of environmentally certified products. For this purpose you should submit the application of the established sample to the conformity assessment body.


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