When working with the applicant's documents (user of the environmental certificate), the conformity assessment body obtains access to intellectual property and to information that may be commercially sensitive.

All information, except that the applicant (user of the environmental certificate) makes publicly available by himself or by consent (for example, in order to respond to a complaint), is treated as private information and is considered confidential.

We are responsible and guarantee the confidentiality of the information received and make it impossible for any actions that could adversely affect the confidentiality of the certification process (supervision of certified products, etc.) at all levels of its organizational structure, including experts and auditors involved in the assessment process.

The performance of the the obligations on confidentiality by the certification body officers is achieved through the signing of job descriptions (staffing) and related agreements (freelance staff), as well as the Declaration on independence, impartiality and confidentiality of experts from the subject of inspection (certification personnel).

Confidential information about the applicant (user of the environmental certificate), his production, products or services may be published or disclosed to a third party only with the written consent of the applicant. If the current legislation of Ukraine provides for the possibility of disclosure of such information without the consent of its owner, the conformity assessment body shall notify the latter in advance.

The compliance with the conditions of confidentiality is monitored by the management of the conformity assessment body and verified during its accreditation and supervision by the accreditation body.

Accreditation certificate № 1О156