In order to ensure the national interests of Ukraine in the sustainable development of the economy, civil society and the government in order to achieve an increase in the standard and quality of life of the population, respect for the constitutional rights and freedoms of man, the Decree of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky of 30.09.3019 №722/2019 determined the need to follow the Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine until 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals: Ukraine meets the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly Resolution № 70/1 of 25 September 2015.

The public procurement in Ukraine makes about 13% of GDP annually. Due to this, the government has a significant influence on the market and the opportunity to direct it to innovative and sustainable development, strengthening the environmental responsibility of business and the transition to a model of "green economy".

The Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) is a lever that can be used by the public sector to preserve natural resources, stop degradation and improve the environment, increase the market for eco-friendly goods, services and technologies, and enhance the promotion of innovation and investment. In the social sphere, the SPP will contribute to the improvement of standards of quality of education, work and life. The economic benefits of the SPP are based on the method of full life cycle assessment of the procurement item, and this assessment provides the highest level of efficiency.

The SPP has been successfully implemented in 89 countries worldwide, contributing to the competitiveness in global markets, improving the resource management, improving the quality of life, sustainability of ecosystems and economies.

The implementation of the SPP in Ukraine is provided by the Law of Ukraine "On the Fundamental Principles (Strategy) of the State Environmental Policy till 2030". The updated Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement", which comes into force on April 19, 2020, provides new opportunities for the use of SPP in accordance with the obligations of Ukraine defined in Article 152 of the Association Agreement with the EU.

In order to understand the benefits, principles and methods for the application of the SPP in the framework of the EU program "Greening the Economies in the Eastern Neighborhood" (EaP GREEN), methodological recommendations and guidelines have been prepared for customers on the application of the SPP in Ukraine, including specific national conditions.

The developed by the UNEP experts in partnership with the Academy of Post-Graduate Environmental Education and Management and the NGO Living Planet, they are accessible via the link:

Handbook on Sustainable Public Procurement – Integration Sustainability Criteria – into Public Procurement Procedures

The support for the development and implementation of SPP, EU Single Market for Green Products and circular economy have become the components of the EU4Environment program, implemented in six Eastern Partnership countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine in 2019 and 2020.

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