The promotion of greening public procurement has been one of our priority activities since 2010. In the process of developing the Strategy for the State Environmental Policy, we actively lobbied for the inclusion of this tool (later it was included; the Strategy was adopted by the Law of Ukraine in 2011).

Living Planet is the partner of the project Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) in Ukraine (component 1.6 EaP GREEN: Encouraging changes in government consumption through the introduction of sustainable public procurement practices). The project was implemented in the period 2012-2017 with the support of the UN Environment (National Coordinating Organization: State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management). The project was successfully completed in 2017.

Our objectives are assistance in the development of tools to support the implementation of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) in Ukraine.

Target beneficiaries are the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, buyers (public sector), suppliers (private sector).

Main Activities (with the participation of the Living Planet experts)

Communication support for the promotion of SPP: trainings, publications, consultations, analysis of the market readiness, the development of the criteria for sustainability for product categories.

In spite of the fact that the project has been finished we took the initiative to complete the development of the draft SPP criteria for the following:

a) Office paper and paper products;

b) Repair and construction works.

After completing the work, the draft criteria will be sent for consideration and comments to the interested persons. After a public discussion they will be entered into the SPP in Ukraine (July-August 2018).

Main results

The analysis of the market readiness and the prioritization of product categories (for pilot tenders), the criteria were developed for the sustainability for paints and varnishes, cleaning products, heat insulation materials, and a Handbook SPP in Ukraine.

We continue to provide the necessary advice on SPP to customers and suppliers. There are 28 successful tenders as of May 2018.

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