Together with the State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management, with the financial support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine it was published a book "On the Road to Green Modernization of the Economy: Sustainable Consumption and Production Model" (a guide in questions and answers)

Raising awareness on the sustainable consumption and production model, including the benefits, principles, and practices of SPP.

Target Beneficiaries are heads of government bodies, institutions, private companies, enterprises and organizations, representatives of business, environmentalists, teachers and university students, the mass media.

The book contains the information on the main tools of the green economy as the basis for a model of sustainable consumption and production, combined with methodological recommendations and practical examples on the use of such tools, including SPP.

The book makes it possible to explore quickly and easily the basics of sustainable consumption and production on the basis of international, regional, national and other standards in order to improve the environmental performance of the company and increase the competitiveness of products with the improved environmental characteristics.

Edited in 500 copies.

Main results is raising awareness on SCP and SPP.


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