International Forum GREEN MIND (annual since 2012).

Sustainable development issues affect almost all areas of the business - from competitiveness and relations with customer to the review of suppliers, from environmental impact assessment to the working environment, from the development of ethical business culture to the transparency of corporate governance structures.

The process of constant changes in the business, in which the management systems, use of resources, investment, scientific and technological development, innovation and institutional changes are consistent with each other and are aimed at improving the present and future potential of the company to meet its needs and achieve its strategic objectives, provide its internal and external sustainability.

The International Forum GREEN MIND is a project aimed at promoting the sustainable businesses development around the world.

GREEN MIND provides a unique platform for communication and partnerships among members of the business sector, government, science and the public in their common endeavor for sustainable development.

What is GREEN MIND - 2018?

  • It is 3 days of useful knowledge, business communication and successful business cases;
  • about 36+ speakers, 8 events, 250+ participants, 17 countries
  • A unique opportunity to learn more and to be heard in the discussion of reform and strategic plans, learn about new trends and meet leading experts;
  • The dialogue and professional discussion, which will enable to get answers as quickly as possible to make effective management decisions;
  • Opportunity to find partners and associates.

The target audience:

Representatives CEB, local governments, expert organizations, heads, managers of the companies and:

  • technologists;
  • management control systems;
  • environmental specialists;
  • marketers, specialists in the field of advertising and PR.

Main activity:

The forum program provides for the exchange of best practices with respect to business excellence, development and implementation of management systems, resource efficient and cleaner production technologies, improvement in product quality and safety in all sectors of the economy.

The proposed events of the forum are the best forms of business and social communications to share professional information among the leading market participants and the most authoritative experts.

Professional dialogue and discussion allows to get the answers in order to make effective management decisions.

Creating a platform for sharing experiences and best practices.

The 2018 Forum program

Registering for a forum

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